Albums of the Fab Four


The Beatles came out with a lot of just amazing songs and albums. Some albums that were really great was Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the White Album, and Revolver. But of course,since we are talking of the Beatles, there are many opinions on that matter. I really enjoy just listening to different songs rather than just different specific albums. I don't enjoy too much of the newer stuff. I know what you are thinking. 'Newer' albums, well what is she talking about? I mean things like Love or even 1. They aren't bad, its just that to me, the original is better than a copy. That may explain a few things regarding my appearance =0 !! Just kidding. In the album Love, there aren't as many 'original' songs as there is on 1. But understand this. There is nothing wrong with a new song. But when you start messing with the Beatles, well, that's another story. Its just not the same.

I don't get too much into the Beatles Albums as much as i do with the actual songs. I just like the Beatles in general. All of the Beatles songs on my play list are all the songs that I like and that are classics. I invite you to listen and enjoy. Does it bring back any memories?

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