Happy Holidays!/The True Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanza! And anything else you celebrate this tme of year. This year, my grandparents are comming out for the holidays for once in a long time. We don't see them because they live in California and I live in New Mexico. Which is very cold at the moment. So if anyone is stopping through 'The Land of Enchantment', make sure that you are paking farely warm. We are having a pretty warm winter this year though, so it isn't that bad. Back in San Francisco, cold is something you get used to kind of quick. I don't have any big prefrences for Christmas presents this year. Funny how things turn out that way. You want so much for Christmas each year and after a while, you don't get into the present kind of thing. Maybe that is just me. I already know that I'm getting a lot of clothes because I was the one who picked them out. Christmas is not getting as fun as it used to be. I don't know if this has anything to do with my Dad or not, but I just didn't get as excited of presents this year as I usually do. I might just be going through some wierd fase or something.
But enough about me, how are all of you doing through the economy, budget wise, and the holiday madness? Christmas is the only thing that I am glad that I am not an adult because it is so hard with money and presents. How do all of you moms out there do it? Do you get help from your parents, or do you just natraully do good during this season? I know I would go insane if that was me.
Maybe people keep their cool by remembering that this is Jesus' birthday. And even if they don't know about Jesus, they still have that inner peace that everyone has during this tough time. I always remeber to put Christ in Christmas because that is what this whole thing is about. You know when your driving to work or to the store and you see a Christmas tree lot that has the sign that says, "X-MAS TREES" on it? Do you ever stop to wonder what that means, or do you not even notice? To a lot of people (and I'm not saying that you need to believe this) the X in X-mas is like 'cutting' Christ out of Christmas. Or it's like putting an X right over his name. When I heard that in a homily at church, I thought to myself that that is absolutly true. Society has become real selfish when it comes to thier needs. Like today in Target when we were trying to get a good parking place, people would just try to push thier way to get the best places to park. It doesn't even matter now because your not going to remeber the cool place you had at Target that Christmas in 2008. Why make the big fuss about it? People are so unsensible. But thats not the point. The point is that they don't care about things that you need to do rather than the things that they want to do. Christmas is about Christ. But people don't care about the things that they need to care about (christ) than the things that they want (presents). Do you kind of understand this? I hope so. Merry Christmas everyone and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

My Dad and the Many Questions

I know many of you are probably wondering why I haven't talked about my Dad that much. I guess it's because I didn't know how to express it to anyone. It is a big shame that my Dad did die. He was such a good man. And since I'm only the oldest of 5, and barely a minor, I can't do too much any way. I try to help around the house, but I seem like I'm just getting in the way. I know that I am helping (sometimes) but I wonder if it gets to be too much. I always think, what would my Dad do? And I find myself saying that he wouldn't want me to be sad and he would want me to be doing something productive. But at the same time, when can I feel sad? I have been so confused lately. That little fact and the fact that what is he like now? I mean up in Heaven? Does he look like himself? Is he just a little ball of light floating around? Does he fell happy? How about all the things that he never knew and that he knows know? Does he mind them? If you fell happy in Heaven, then when you learn the truth, are you still happy? I haven't felt peace within myself for a while. If anyone can help by answering, that would be great. But even with those out of the way, there are just so many questions I still have that I have not already mentioned. Why must this be so difficult?