The Painting of the Week

This weeks painting of the week is very odd. I do like it vey much. I will admit that I am a very artistic person. I've been told that. I can see that. Most people that know me will told me that too. If you see my playlist, you'll see that too. When you see this picture you'll think that I have lost it. But this picture is deffinatly a favorite. I thought that it was by Van Goh, but it isn't! It is the almost exact texture and same type of painting way that he does. But it is not Van Goh! Can you believe it? Well, when you see it, you will. It is by a man of the name of Edvard Munch. Did I give the painting away? Well, if you know your paintings, then maybe. I have so many thoughts with this picture. In Looney Tunes Back in Action, they use this painting when Daffy and Bugs are getting chased by Elmur Fudge. Very funny part. Have you ever seen that movie? Maybe with your kids or grandkid? I saw this movie at my Dad's house and we have it at his house too. Maybe I can get a part of the movie from UTube or something. Well, I guess you might want to see the picture. Before you see the picture, can you guess it? It was made in 1893 and he wanted to "the study of the soul,that is to study myself." I think that is some good words. To me that means that he wants to find the inner part of himself. If that is himself, well, I guess I don't want to know who he really was. My guess is that he was like a lot of artists. Crazy but not really noticing it. Maybe he did notice it. He was born in Norway. I thought the name might have been Russian. What do you think?
This picture is called The Scream. Very unique and it explains a lot of things in it. What does it explain to you? I see a midlife crisis. Maybe a girlfriend breakup. Who knows?

Sorts Update

I have barely gotten over the Stellers succes in the Super Bowl and being the fan that I am, one would think that I would have mentioned it before. I still cannot believe that they won. My dad was a big Steeler fan himself, and I almost wonder if God made the Steelers win for him? A good game that was. But enough about footall, since that sport is over, and about NASCAR. Do any of you watch it? I am a pretty big fan of it myself. My guy is Tony Stewart. He drives the orange Home Depot car and I beileve his car is Toyota. He used to be with Joe Gibbs Racing team but now he has his own racing team. I don't remember what his team is, but I know if I heard it, I would know it. Some people don't think that NASCAR is a sport. But I kind of think it is. In pitstops, the pitcrew runs allover the place to get the car ready, full of gas, tire changes, and any damage repairs. They have to carry jaks to lift up the cars and tires too. The drivers also have a hard time in those cars. They don't have bathroom breaks and they don't really get reasts from driving either. One would think that it would get tiring to drive for three to four hours or more. But I haven't driven before so I wouldn't know. NASCAR starts on the weekend of my birthday every year and it hasn't failed yet. My dad would do a big huge party on a saturday or sunday and watch either the quailifying or the actual race. Saturday is qulifiying day and Sunday is race day for all of you who do not understand the greatness of this game. So you all know what I am going to do next week besides eat left over cake and mess around with gifts. Watchin' the race. BOOGETY BOOGETY BOOGETY! LETS GO RACIN' BOYS!

An Interview

This interview came from Susan and I couldn't wait to get started on it. If any of you want an interview, ask me and I can give you the same one or a different one.

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Probably at college studying autopsying. or maybe some kind of CSI agent. Maybe one that investigates on how a person died at the scene. Any kind of CSI agent.

2. Where do you get your inner strength?
From praying to God and from my inner Yin and inner Yang. I use common sense most of the time too.

3. What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in your life?
To become a professional chef or CSI agent.

4. What gives you the greatest satisfaction?
Whenever someone is proud of what I have done or what I will get done.

5. Do you set goals for yourself?
Oh definitely! Think of my CSI agent stuff that I want to accomplish or my chef stuff. And in my profile is also a bunch of goals trying to get accomplished.