The Big Fat Update!


So this past month or so, I have been moving from the southwest to the Midwest. There has been so much going on.
I spent Thanksgiving with some church friends which was a lot of fun. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. This was my first traditional Thanksgiving where everyone sat at the table and there was a lot of family and friends. Of course there was a lot of friends in my past and there was a lot of fun, but there was hardly a time where I can remember eating at the table with everyone (thanks to my step moms traditions). But nonetheless, It was a bittersweet time for we didn't know if we would see are beloved friends again.
After Thanksgiving we drive many miles to our new destination, The Heartland. Our big family spent a few weeks living there, without much of our things. We had to move on emergency. At Christmas break, we go back to the southwest to get our things in a big U-Haul truck. Our Grandfather from the West Coast came to give us a helping hand. And what a helping hand he gave us! God Bless him! We would not have been able to do anything if it wasn't for him! He got food for us and tools and to top it all of, he drove the truck to our new location! Oh he was a huge blessing to us. Before we went back, our delightful Thanksgiving friends invited us to dinner. We had a wonderful feast of lamb, pork chops, potato, veggies, and loads of Christmas cookies and her very famous apple pie! MMMM, the American dream, to have Melanie Staabs apple pie!!!The next day we head back to our new home.
Now at this point it is only three or four days till Christmas. Our Grandfather helps put things together and goes back home. He left just in time because we had a huge blizzard on Christmas Eve! To this day there is still ice and snow! It was a great Christmas, our first one in the Heartland. We spent it with our Uncles and aunts and our baby cousin. A great time we had.
There is so many nice people here, I am not used to the friendliness. We got stuck in the snow and a very nice man started towing people out for just some tips! That was just too kind. People smile and have small talk with you. I am very happy to be here. Even though I just started school and I am the new kid, I find that everyone is more or less nice. I moved to a growing community and new kids come every week. So I am not the only one. We moved in next door to some of the nicest people around.
There is a girl my age and one of my brothers age who started the same day as us! They are lots of fun and I feel privileged to be their friend.
This is my update and I will keep everyone updated now that I am back online.

Small update


Sorry I haven't been here lately, been pretty busy lately. Will explain later!
-Young Artist

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (HD) with English subtitles


This is the original

"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise


A Tribute to Someone Maybe, Forgoten?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,this is it! I'm sure some of you have been wondering when I would put this man on my blog. Some of you may have been hopeing this day would not come. Here is my favorite commedian, WIERD AL! YAY!
One of the most talented men in history in nmy opinion. In the future, I will put a Wierd Al music video, and then the original video and give my feedback. I would like to here your feedback too!
This week is Amish Paradise. This is a spin-off of the Gangsters Paradise from Coolio. I hope you enjoy it. This is pretty funny. Wierd Al's is better in my opinion. If you are wondering about the crazy hair, that is just a way to make fun of Coolio. Enjoy! Oh! And don't forget to chec out my new blog (link in previous post).

The New Blog is Now Up!!

Check out me new blog, A Look into the Beatle World. It has information about the Beatles. From the band, movies, the men, the history, and everything you can imagine. I have a post already, but please remember that it is still in progress. I will still post on this blog too! Here is a link to my new blog! (click here)

MJ- Rest In Peace.....


It has been a few days after his death, but I still wanted to talk about him. Michael Jackson was a very good artist. A great musician, dancer, singer, and even sketcher. I feel bad about his death, and I am sure there are people out there that feel just as bad. Like him or not, he was a talented man. Even though he did do some wacky stuff, I feel he was still good (at least from what I have heard of him). I feel for his 3 kids (Paris, Prince, and 'Blanket'). I hope they feel rested in thier hearts. I hope God is with the family and friends of Michael Jackson.