I need some help learning some ways to memorize a whole play in Italian. I have the page on what I need to memorize, but it's so long that I don't know how to memorize it all. I need to know it by November 17/18. I've been just reading it out loud to myself and to my family to get used to the idea of reciting it to my teacher. I started writing it out and memorizing half of it at a time but nothing seems to sink in. Any suggestions would be greatly accepted.

As most of you all know, my father is very ill. So far, I have helped make the Steelers blanket, I helped make a pillow case with his favorite animal, the deer, on it. Currently, I'm going to make him a sketch of a "Forgotten Ford." But I feel that I could make him something else. What should I make him? I feel that I have made him everything I could make him. I even made him a get well card. Anything that is not too expensive will do. Thanks for ideas!!