The Sickness of School

Today were "Down With the Sickness". Well, my sister is. I have a few friends that are sick too. Not only that but I feel it coming to me as well. I can not afford it to get to me because we just started school (which was great by the way). If I get sick and stay home from school it will be really hard to catch up all of that work. Not only that but it's not easy getting my absence
'excused'. I also have to worry about getting the rest of my supplies ( paper towels, hand sanitizer, tissues, latex gloves, etc.). I quoted my moms friend when she said, " It is ridiculous on what the teachers are asking for this year...... What's next, toilet paper?!?! Hey teacher,can I go to the bathroom? Let me get my roll of toilet paper out of my cubby!" I found that funny because it's true! Sometimes we didn't have to bring it in, and I probably wouldn't. But I probably would have thought twice when it came to allergy season.=)

Well for some good news, I have a lot of new 'Groovy Recipes' I can't wait to share with you. I'll give everyone enough time to get each recipe. I hope you enjoy them. They're not mine if you don't like them. =)

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Anonymous Says :
August 22, 2008 at 10:01 AM

I am glad you've stayed healthy so far....

And I am so proud of how well you're doing in school, with all those hard classes!! Great Job!!

I love you,

Mama =)

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